10 Best Earphones Under 500 Rs in India

Earphones have become an absolute necessity in the 21st century. From office workers to children - everyone in the family has one and uses it for a good portion of the day. Economical, handy and trendy, you do not need to burn a hole in your pocket to get some of the best earphones under 500.

Apart from the design and trendiness of the earphone, you might want to buy a earphone more suited to the purpose you use it most for - noise cancellation, for holding calls, to listen to music. Or you can choose something that is optimum for all.

Here are some specifications you should look at before to commit to a earphone :

  • Earbud design - Check out the fit of the design. You may have a preference for specific earbuds. Rubber head or foam-tip earphones provide a more snug fit than plastic in-ear models.
  • Drivers - The larger the driver of your device, the better the sound quality you will receive.
  • Impedance - Earphones should have an impedance of 8-600 ohms with the industry standing being 32 ohms. 
  • Frequency Response - If you like listening to music with bass, then opt for earphones which have a lower bass frequency register. A good range is 20Hz-20KHz.
  • Sensitivity - This refers to the range of sounds you can hear from the lowest to the highest. It is measured in SPL (Sound pressure level). A good range would be within 100 to 122.
  • Sound Cancellation - This works well if you’re looking to use the earphone in noisy places, or use it extensively for calling purposes. 
  • Sweat Proof - Especially important is you use your earphones while exercising.
  • Tangle free wire - Memory wire is a special type of flat wire that prevents the cords of your earphones from tangling.

After checking up on consumer reviews, we have jotted down the 10 best earphones under 500 in this table, and have written their reviews as well.

1. JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones with Mic

best earphones under 500

Main Highlights

  • Perfect JBL Signature Sound
  • High Clean Bass
  • One-Button Universal Remote with Mic
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri
  • Deep Noise Isolation Microphone
  • High Quality Twin Cable
  • Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable ear tips in 3 different sizes
  • 1 year manufacturers warranty

JBL has been one of the best names in the industry audio equipment for long. It has become known to provide the “JBL Signature Sound” that combines 8mm drivers drivers at full-bandwidth to produce a powerful reverb.

This brand is guaranteed to provide you with top-notch sound clarity. The 8.6mm driver produces a high, clean bass in a comfortable range. The microphone device has a single button which acts as a universal remote. You can use it to skip, forward songs and also accept calls. Long pressing on this activates Google Now.

The device consumes a power of 3mW. It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz which is optimum for the human ear. Impedance offered is 30 ohms which prevents the device from being damaged by power overloading.

The ear buds are headed with silicone. The topping is streamlined to allow better fit. The tube canal is also slightly angled which prevents the earphones from being pushed too far into the ear. This design also holds it in place while jogging or exercising.

Noise cancellation feature of this model is quite strong. Colours available are black, blue and red The cable length provided is 1.2m. One year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

Positive Things

  • Good impedance prevents earphone from burning out easily
  • Gives “JBL Signature Sound”, good for higher volumes
  • Single touch button for Voice Assistant launching
  • True bass quality
  • High quality noise cancellation, great for outdoor calls
  • Angled canal allows for tight fit in ear

Negative Things

  • Cord is not tangle-free 
  • Not sweat proof or water proof

2. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 in-Ear Immersive Bass Headphones with Mic

Main Highlights

  • Deep Bass Sound
  • Comfort Fit Design For Everyone
  • Hands-Free calling with Single Remote Button
  • Tangle-free 1.2m Durable Flat Cable
  • Fast Voice Assistant Integration
  • 3.5mm Gold Plated Angled Connector
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Another great deal from JBL, made for the music lovers with an all round immersive experience. JBL Infinity zip 100 provides the best bass earphones under 500

The model is equipped with a 9mm driver and an inlay inside the ear bud tip that helps boost bass. The ear buds are designed for noise cancellation and fit snugly.

A microphone is available, run by a single universal button to play, repeat, accept or decline calls for a hards free experience. Voice Assistant is integrated and can be activated by long pressing the button.
The 3.5mm jack is gold plated and angled at 45 degrees for easier connection.

The power input used is 3mW. Frequency range is 20-20KHz which is quite good for all sounds. Impedance is 16 ohms means it is better to use the device for low to mid range audio. The driver sensitivity is around 100dB.

The flat cable is tangle free and has a 1.2m length. The Zip 100 comes in an all black colour and with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Positive Things

  • Great noise cancellation feature
  • Great sound differentiation and deep bass
  • Good for low to mid range audio
  • Flat wire prevents tangling
  • Voice Assistant integration
  • Angled jack makes it easier to plug into device

Negative Things

  • Low impedance, hence prone to overloading
  • Low driver sensitivity
  • Plastic build might look cheap

3. boAt BassHeads 152 with HD Sound

Main Highlights

  • Super Extra Bass
  • In-Line Microphone Multi Function Button
  • Metallic Finish Ergonomic Earbuds
  • Dual ToneSuperior Coated Cable
  • 3.5 mm Gold Plated Angled Jack

In the recent years, boAt has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the Indian audio-electronics industry. boAt has worked to build a strong consumer base in the field of music lovers and creators with their array of affordable products for every need.

If you’re someone who enjoys listening to songs which are rich in bass, this is the earphone for you. The boAt BassHeads 152 earphone is equipped with a 10mm driver which provides a wide range of audio.The in-line microphone device also has multi-purpose buttons for hands free usage so you can control all your music without your phone. An inbuilt microphone is available to allow you to take calls.

The earbuds are ergonomically designed to fit most ear types and the earhead has a metallic finish. The 3.5mm gold colour plated jack is angled to make it easier to plug in. The device consumes a power of 3mW. It has a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz which is optimum for the human ear. Impedance offered if 16 ohms, which is on the lower side.

The device uses an alternative to the memory wire - a braided tangle free wire. The aux is 3.5mm long and L-shaped. Colours available are active black, jazzy blue and raging red. The device has a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

Positive Things

  • 10mm driver provides good audio quality
  • Microphone has multi-button usage allowing full control of music and calls
  • Silicone heads provide a snug fit into ear unlike it predecessor model
  • Braided wire prevents tangling
  • Angled jack makes it easier to plug into device

Negative Things

  • Low impedance 
  • Microphone usage is not best, especially if used in noisy settings
  • Not sweat proof or water proof

4. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass and mic

Main Highlights

  • Ultra deep bass
  • Available in black and red Colors
  • Aluminum alloy sound chamber
  • Available Mic and Play/Pause Button
  • High quality silicone earbuds
  • HD clear sound

Xiaomi entered the audio equipment market in 2010, and since, has expanded from its original headquarters in Beijing. They are known for their good quality, affordable mobile phones, applications, earphones, shoes and other fitness items. And here we are talking about their MI basic earphone that we have listed in top 10 earphones under 500 in India.

The Mi Earphone Basic has a unique and elegant earbud design, which is anti-slippage. The silicone head earbuds are angled to the right and the tube head has a sand blasted texture that allows it to stay in place.
The elongated tube also allows for a Aluminum alloy sound chamber which increases bass and adds treble to the music. The in-line microphone has a single button change your music, and accept or reject calls.

The jack is 3.5mm long and is L shaped with a curved edge to prevent breakage. It is bent at an angle of 45 degrees for easier insertion into the device. The model uses 10mm drivers which provides HD sound and a clean bass. Cable length is 1.25m and is tangle free.

The external of the earphone is anodised and zicon sand blasted which makes it scratch proof. Colours available are black and red. The manufacturer provides a 6 months warranty. 

Positive Things

  • 10mm driver provides good audio quality
  • Aluminium sound chamber improves bass and treble
  • Jack angled at 45 degrees for easier manipulation
  • Scratch proof
  • Special design of earbud allows tight fit
  • Tangle free cable

Negative Things

  • Prone to disruption if used with laptop
  • Only 6 months warranty
  • Poor noise cancellation
  • Body not very durable

5. Sound One 616-P Earphones with Mic

Main Highlights

  • Dynamic 10mm drivers
  • Vertical in-ear Advance Design
  • Hands-Free Calls With In Built Mic
  • Carry case and pouch included
  • Powerful, bass-driven stereo sound
  • Noise Isolation and Comfort Fit

A much newer company on the audio scene, Sound One became known for its production of affordable and elegant designs. They have proven their mettle by producing well ranged earphones, headphones, bluetooth speakers and more.

Sound One 616-P Earphones with Mic has dynamic 10mm driver that produces a powerful, bass-driven stereo sound. The ear buds are angled and made from very thin silicone that makes it very light weight. The earbuds are oval in shape, unlike standard models that are circular. Because of this the device works best with medium range audio.

The aux cable has a 3.5mm gold plated jack in an L shape. The Sound One 616-P Earphones also comes with a velvet pouch and three ear bud sizes. It uses a power of 3mW and has a frequency range of 15-24000 Hz.

The earphone has an in-built microphone and two buttons to control all functions so that you can enjoy a hands free call. It is only available in black and red (single model) colour. The manufacturer provides a 6 months warranty. 

Positive Things

  • Maximum compatibility with all devices, including laptops
  • Good for low to mid-range audio
  • Sound sensitivity is good at 110dB
  • Very light weight
  • Comes with pouch and 3 ear bud sizes
  • Good treble quality
  • High fidelity audio response, good for conference calls

Negative Things

  • Oval shape of earbuds leads to poor noise cancellation
  • Only 6 months warranty
  • Average response to bass

6. SoundMagic ES11S in-Ear Wired Headphones

Main Highlights

  • Comfortable fit and distinctive design
  • Powerful bass balanced 
  • Available in Multi Colors
  • Best noise isolation hear protection
  • Strong and Clearer Audio

Since 2005, the SoundMagic headphones have seen a rise in popularity in India despite its Chinese roots. Manufactured by acoustic designer Tony Xu, their earphones have performed beyond expectations. SoundMagic provides the best earphones under 500 with mic.

With its unique design, the SoundMagic ES11S is a snug and comfortable fit earphone. This distinct design helps it to balance on the ear of a wide variety of users. The rugged construction makes it ideal for using while excersising.

The ear-phone is bass oriented and has good noise cancellation properties. It uses a 10mm driver and has a frequency range of 15-24000 Hz. The 3.5mm jack is L-shaped and gold plated for better conduction.

It has an impedance of 46 Ohm, hence consumes more power than the other models on the list. The power consumption is 20mW. However, this helps it produce strong and clear audio at higher volumes.

The earphone has an in-built microphone and a universal button to control all functions so that you can enjoy a hands free call. It comes with silicone tips in three different sizes. The cable is 1.2 m long. It comes in black and green cord colours. A 1 year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.

Positive Things

  • Good noise cancellation features
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices, including laptops
  • High fidelity audio response, good for conference calls
  • Good audio at higher volumes
  • Enhanced bass audio
  • Ideal for exercising

Negative Things

  • Not much effect on treble by using equalizer
  • High power consumption
  • Lesser sensitivity at 100dB/mW

7. Philips Bass+ SHE4305 Headphones with Mic

Main Highlights

  • 12.2mm speaker drivers
  • Powerful Bold Bass
  • Great sound isolation
  • Slim, stable in-ear fit
  • Ergonomically designed for max. comfort
  • Remote control for hands-free calls and music
  • Impedance: 32 ohm

The name of Philips does not need any introduction in the Indian market. It is the go-to brand for any home equipment for many people.

The Philips Bass+ SHE4305 is a highly budgeted earphones for those willing to go even lower without compromising on the quality. It is a part of the new set of affordable earphones released. The black and silver designed earphone has silicone tips that come in three sizes. The ear seal helps block outside noises.

The model uses 12.2mm speaker drivers for powerful sound and has an inbuilt microphone. This can be controlled with a universal button for a hands free experience. The model has a very high and impressive frequency range at 9-23000Hz and has an impedance on 32 ohms, the highest on this list.

Despite its plastic build, the model has an overall elegant and luxurious look. The jack used is 3.5mm and staight. It comes in an all black colour and has one year warranty.

Positive Things

  • Good noise cancellation features
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices, including laptops
  • Very good audio quality
  • Enhanced bass audio
  • Ergonomic fit in ear

Negative Things

  • High power consumption
  • Striaght aux makes it difficult to carry in back pockets

8. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK in-Ear Headphones

Main Highlights

  • Crystal-clear sound
  • excellent detail resolution
  • Easy-traveling audio performance
  • Comfortable Fit long time wearing design
  • Canal Style In-ear Headphones

Known for its headphones, microphones and audio accessories, Audio-Technica is a Japanese manufacturer known for their durable build and sound quality.

With over 8 different bright colours, the Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK has a unique earbud canal design. The ear bud is designed for maximum noise cancellation and prevents ear fatigue. The build is also very light weight.

The driver used has a dynamic 8.5 mm diameter which gives decent resolution and sound clarity. The model uses Acoustics Resolution to provide an enriched sound quality.

The power input range is a bit on the higher side at 20mW. The frequency response of 20 - 25,000Hz is impressive within the price range. The jack is 3.5mm and L shaped.

The model comes with a travel friendly collapsible cord wrap and 3 different silicone tip sizes. The model is only available in black colour. The manufacturer provides a one year warranty

Positive Things

  • Good quality treble boost
  • Noise cancellation is quite good
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices, including laptops
  • Comes with a collapsible cord wrap
  • Light weight, prevent ear fatigue

Negative Things

  • Higher power consumption
  • Very thin cord
  • Standard bass quality
  • No microphone

9. boAt BassHeads 100 in-Ear Wired Earphones with Super Extra Bass

Main Highlights

  • Superior Coated Wired Headphone
  • HD Microphone for Crystal Clear Calls
  • 1.2m Perfect length Cable
  • Comfort fit for long listening hours
  • Powerful 10 mm Drivers

This unique hawk inspired design has become a fan favourite among many. At a budgeted price, these ear phones are a highly fashionable and functional devide to add to your set. BOAT BassHead 100 is the best earphone under 500 rupees in India.

The unqiue canal design allowed for a chamber to create ecxceptional sound quality. The driver is 10mm, with an in built microphone. A universal button helps control all functions for a hands free experience. You can answer/end calls with one-click, track forward with two-clicks or back with 3 clicks.

The frequency range is 20Hz - 20KHz and device sensitivity is 99dB, with some fluctuations. This could have been improved to 110.

The 3.5mm jack is straight. Cord is tangle free with a length of 1.2m. Impedance provided 16 Ohms which is quite good for the price range. It is available in all black and has a warranty of one year.

Positive Things

  • Noise cancellation is quite good
  • Great frequency range
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices, including laptops
  • Tangle free cord
  • Microphone is of good quality

Negative Things

  • Ear bud design makes it heavier than standard models
  • Flatter base without equaliser
  • Low sensitivity
  • Microphone located at junction of Y cable

10. Wecool W001 Snug Fit Wired Earphone with Mic and MFB Controller

Main Highlights

  • Superior Coated Wired Headphone
  • HD Microphone for Crystal Clear Calls
  • 1.2m Perfect length Cable
  • Comfort fit for long listening hours
  • Powerful 10 mm Drivers
  • 6 Months Warranty

This model comes with a balanced stereo sound, excellent sound quality,with in line mic. The ear bud is lightweight and the body has a metallic finish giving it a luxurious vibe. The microphone is controlled by 3 different buttons. The canals are rotated at a 45 degrees angle to provide a snug fit and cancel noise.

The model uses a 6mm driver which provides decent sound quality. The device comes with a storage pouch and 3 different head sizes. The cord is 1.2m long and is made from superior braided TPE cable that prevents tangling.

The 3.5mm aux port is striaght and silver plated. It is compatible with ay device lie laptops, tabs and computers. It is available in all black and has a 6 months warranty.

Positive Things

  • Noise cancellation is quite good
  • Comes with travel pouch
  • Maximum compatibility with all devices
  • Tangle free cord
  • 3 button microphone

Negative Things

  • Mid range sound quality with 6mm driver
  • Only 6 months warranty

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Which model should I use?

The answer to this question depends on individual requirements of the person. If you’re looking for clearer calls, or for music listening - your requirements may vary accordingly. A good idea is to look for earphones that have a higher driver setting and the maximum noise cancellation power. Where you listen your music too is also important as not all earphones are compatible with laptops.

2. What does impedance indicate?
A higher impedance signifies the device uses more power to produce high level audio, and vice versa. Hence a device with 30 ohms impedance will use more power than a 16 ohms device. However, a higher impedance rating means there is less chance of the device overloading if music is played at higher volumes. For calling purposes, a lower impedance is preferred as it will drain less of your battery.

3. Can using earphones lead to ear issues?

It is important to find a good quality earphone that fits snugly, cancels noise and provides a comfortable note range. A good earphone can be worn for 4-5 hours with no discomfort.

4. Should I prefer a straight jack or L jack?

Usually the L shaped jacks are taking over precedence as they can be easily carried in pockets without fear of breakage. However, the decision rests on you since this does not have bearing on the sound quality of the earphone.

5. Can I clean ear buds?

Detachable ear buds can be easily cleaned by plucking them from the device and using a wet ear brush to remove any wax or build up. Plastic models are harder to clean and should be cleaned with a dry brush tip or an oil based remover.

With an affordable price range, good noise cancellation features, and a superb bass booster the, JBL C50HI in-Ear Headphones has topped this list of best earphones under 500. boAt comes as a close contender with its sturdy build and bass qualities. Newer companies like Sound One and Xiaomi have also proven their mettle with their affordable options. Do you have any other questions? Feel free to share them below!

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