10 Superb Electric Knife Sharpener Reviews – Top Choices of 2023

You’ve tried everything but your knife just doesn’t cut the way it used to. Well, we’ve all been there, and we know how messy it gets in the kitchen when our knives lose their sharpness.

Here’s the truth you don’t really pay attention to: any blade will get dull with time!

But you know what else?

There’s a way to make your knife sharp again. That’s right – an electric knife sharpening tool can efficiently make a knife work like a brand new one. This best electric knife sharpener review will clear all your doubts.

At the end of this article you will know which of the models will work best for your knife and how to shop for one, so, let’s get started!

1. The Knife & Tool Sharpener By Work Sharp

Take a random survey of chefs and you will find that most of them vouch for this Work Sharp model. That’s because not only is this tool effective but it is also extremely cost-effective.

This model is highly recommended by professionals all over the world. Let’s find out what amazing features makes this model so popular:

  • This unit works easily and quickly to sharpen all kinds of knives, with the ability to repeat its consistent results. Whether you own a kitchen, hunting, outdoor, filet, pocket or tactical knife, it can easily sharpen curved, straight, tanto, re-curved and any shape of the blade.
  • The extraordinary abrasive belts featured in this model allow it to fulfill all your sharpening requirements including fine, coarse and medium.
  • This versatile tool works equally well on tools such as axes, mower blades, hatchets, shovels, garden shears, etc.
  • It is the go-to electric knife sharpener for the money that is manufactured in the US and has been satisfying users for more than 40 years.


So, yes, this fascinating product is exactly what you need for sharpening all kinds of blades at home. The combination of high performance and reasonable pricing is exactly what everyone desires. If you want your tool and knife blades to be razor sharp, this is the product to invest your money in.


  • Results are immediate and impressive
  • This versatile tool is the perfect complete solution for your knives and tools
  • It can be easily customized according to your requirements


  • The product’s warranty period is only for a year

2. The 15 Trizor Edge Select By Chef’sChoice

If you’re one of those who wants your knife to get sharpness, then this Chef’sChoice knife sharpening tool is what you need. This Chef’sChoice 3-stage model uses grinders that are diamond coated to bring back precision and speed in your knives while reviving their performance levels.

So, what is it about this electric grinder knife sharpener that makes it so efficient?

  • Your traditional knife with 20-degree edge can be conveniently converted into a high-performance blade with this product
  • It uses the advanced technology for the stropping stage with 100% diamond abrasives to ensure razor-sharp edges for serrated and straight blades
  • The patented, advanced spring guides are flexible, which ensure accurate control and automatic adjustment of sharpening angle; and a simple off/on switch makes it easy to use this product
  • The 3-stage sharpening system adds to the versatility of this product, with the first 2 stages plated with diamond abrasives (100%) and stage 3 using a flexible system for prolonging and polishing serrated knives
  • The durability and strength of this product makes it flawless, and it can sharpen blades within a minute, with the ability to resharpen within a matter of 10 seconds


With the latest technology incorporated in this tool, it becomes an obvious choice. However, this product works best on knives, so it might be a bit disappointing to know that you can use it on other tools at home. But you cannot ignore the fact that you get the best cutting edge and precision using this machine, which is why it has garnered much attention globally.


  • Sharpening knives is a matter of seconds using this product
  • It provides the perfect edge owing to its 15-degree technology
  • It works well with both double-edge and single edge knives
  • It comes with 3-year warranty (limited)


  • It can convert be used to convert any blade to 15 degrees only
  • There have been some complaints about the model putting a strain on knives

3. The 120 Diamond Hone By Chef’sChoice

For those of you who own both serrated and straight knives, this 120 Diamond Hone by Chef’s Choice is the answer to your prayers. The fascinating features of this product has made it rank among the best electric sharpening tools available today.

An incredibly reasonable pricing along with a wide range of features are reasons for the growing popularity of this product. Let’s find out why professionals and culinary enthusiasts vouch for this product:

  • The 3-stage electric sharpening machine ensures precision in angle control, with the first 2 stages work to offer arch-shaped edge using diamond abrasives (100%) and stage 3 uses stropping disk (flexible) to polish the ultra-sharp bevel
  • It is highly stable, and you can secure the unit to use it safely
  • It comes with a three-year household guarantee
  • It can be used to sharpen various kinds of knives including chef’s knife, sporting knife and butcher’s knife.


It is a compact electric knife sharpening model that is ideal for any kitchen countertop. Diamond Hone can be used to sharpen any blunt knife within minutes. The 3-stage based sharpening process used in this tool ensures precision and quality sharpening of knives.

Also, this product can be used to sharpen different varieties of knives including serrated knives, sporting knives and butcher knives. It is the best sharpening solution for chef’s knives.


  • The Trizor-Plus edge adds to the sharpness and durability of your knife
  • The diamond abrasive (100%) featured in this product doesn’t distemper
  • It can be used to sharpen chef’s knives, butcher knives, sporting knives (kitchen) as well as serrated knives
  • It uses 3-stage for accurate sharpening
  • It comes with 3-year guarantee (household)


  • It is a bit highly-priced

4. The Edgecraft 130 By Chef’sChoice

This particular model by Chef’s Choice has been uniquely engineered to combine manual and electric sharpening, making it the top electric knife sharpener. This means that you can sharpen a wide range of knives, both serrated and straight blades, using this tool.

The Edgecraft 130 is sought after by individuals who European kitchen knives, pocket knives, fishing and hunting knives, apart from traditional knives. Your investment in this product will give you the chance to sharpen all your essential knives that you haven’t been able to use for a long time.

  • This knife sharpening machine comes with 100% diamond abrasives that offer 3-stage sharpening, with the 1ST and 3rd stage electric and the 2nd stage manual
  • It can sharpen and strop almost all types and brands of knives
  • It is made from super-hardened steel and features a stropping disk (flexible)
  • The angle-guides in this product ensure foolproof sharpening
  • It is highly stable and can be used simply by using the off/on switch
  • It comes with 3-year warranty (limited)


This is surely an exceptional product that deserves its place in this list. It is cost-effective and fast in sharpening straight as well as serrated knives that have 20-degree angle. The control offered by this manual-electric combined unit adds to the convenience and speed of this product. It is a highly recommended electric knife sharpening machine for anyone in need of safe and precise knife-sharpening at home.


  • It offers quick and efficient sharpening
  • It combines both manual and electric processes for better sharpening
  • It works well on serrated and straight knives
  • It does not require lubricants for sharpening
  • NSF certification adds to safety in use


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Some users have complained that it tends to scratch the blades
If you are willing to invest a considerable amount in a sharpening tool, this Chef’sChoice electric knife sharpening unit can easily revive the life of your American, Asian or European styled knives. It has the ability to recreate and restore any 20-degree knife into 15-degree with precision and speed.

The reason for the amazing performance of this tool is its features and design, both of which enhance its performance. Here’s what you need to know about this 1520 AngleSelect model by Chef’sChoice:

  • The product uses 100% diamond abrasives along with stropping/polishing disks (flexible) for creating an arch-edge to add durability and sharpness to your knife
  • It is approved by ETL or UL as well as Canada
  • The machine is engineered as well as assembled in the US


This is the most optimum choice for any professional butcher or chef. The product can easily revive and add longevity to your knife. Regular use of this product will ensure an impressive extension and edge to the blades for years to come. Despite its high cost, you can rest assured that it will safely and efficiently sharpen your knife.


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • It is highly versatile
  • It comes with 3-year warranty


  • Control can be a problem with this product
Are you looking for a manual but advanced sharpening tool that is user-friendly?

The Edgecraft 270 by Chef’sChoice is where your search ends. The one feature that makes popular is the option of manual sharpening that adds to the sharpness of any blade. It is an ideal option for any kitchen.

The diamond rough based wheels in this 3-stage electric knife sharpening machine can easily turn a blunt knife into a smooth, sharp one. The elegant yet efficient knife guides in this product ensure sharper edge to any blade.

  • It offers razor-sharp edge using the hybrid, 3-stage technology that combines manual and electric sharpening
  • It is ideal for sharpening serrated as well as straight blades, be it pocket knife, sporting knife, or even household knife
  • The new criss-cross technology provides simultaneous sharpening with burr-free, superior edge
  • The first 2 stages offer electric sharpening, while stage 3 is all about manual honing to provide durable, arch-edge
  • It comes with 1-year household warranty and is assembled in the US


This hybrid sharpening unit is by far the most advanced electric knife sharpening product the world has witnessed. Both manual and electric sharpening technologies enhance the sharpening of any knife blade. With all the different kinds of knives you have in your collection, this product is exactly what you need.


  • Reasonably-priced product with quality sharpening
  • It is user-friendly
  • It works quickly and efficiently


  • There are some users who have complained that this product works only on kitchen knives
Want to make your knife work like new again?

This Edgecraft 320 is the only way to make this possible. It is a multi-stage sharpening tool that can work efficiently on fine blades as well as serrated one. The product can be used to sharpen sporting knives, Asian-style knives, Deba-designed knives, pocket knives, etc. among others.

The knife guides of this product are so accurate that it offers foolproof operation. It also delivers a well-polished blade that lasts for a long time.

  • It comes with patented unique polishing and stropping stage
  • It offers 2-stage sharpening to ensure long-lasting and durable edges
  • The 100% diamond abrasives offer better sharpening without being distempered
  • The spring guides are elastomeric to provide accuracy in angle while sharpening
  • It is a completely safe unit


This product is the best decision you will ever make for your knife. Its 2-stage sharpening adds power to your knife. With stabilized design and accurate guides, the performance of this product becomes unquestionable. You have every reason to invest in this Chef’sChoice sharpening machine if you want razor sharp blade for your knife.


  • The product is a patented unique sharpening unit that offers amazing polish
  • It is very safe to use on knives
  • The product ensures sharpening at correct angle because of its spring guides (elastomeric)
  • The 100% diamond sharpening doesn’t distemper
  • The model offers long-lasting sharp edges with its 2-stage sharpening


  • The product works well except with certain issues
There is hardly any reason why you shouldn’t make this model a part of your kitchen. It is a 3-stage electric sharpening machine that works as a complete one-stop solution for sharpening your knife. And its design and style add glamour to your entire kitchen.

The 3 stages used by this convenient tool include sharpening, honing, and polishing/stropping. It is the features of this product that guarantee high performance of this product.

  • It comes with easy operation
  • You need to pull through 3 to 4 times for stage 1
  • Stage 2 requires 1 to 2 times pull through
  • Stage 3 requires 3 to 4 times pull through


This simple yet stylish machine is the all-rounder you need for your knife. Its efficiency in offering precise, polished sharpness to your blade makes it highly recommendable. It does not compromise with anything to offer you a sharpened blade, making it the ideal choice for your kitchen.


  • It can be used very conveniently
  • Sharpening process takes place in 3 stages
  • It keeps knives sharper for a longer timespan
  • The product is unique and stylish in design


  • It is a bit expensive but worth every penny
Dicing and slicing with precision is only possible when your knife has been sharpened with this Chef’sChoice Edgecraft 100W sharpening unit. It features specialized magnetic guide along with orbiting diamonds to provide an unparalleled sharpness to your knife blade.

The 3-stage sharpening process used in this sharpener adds to the longevity and sharpness of your knife’s blade. In fact, the exclusive features and design of this product are what makes it so efficient.

  • Razor sharpness is possible using this product owing to its orbiting motion
  • The 3-stage process includes presharpening, sharpening as well as honing
  • The magnetic guides ensure that the blade stays in position while being sharpened
  • It comes with 100% diamond abrasives that can easily sharpen stainless-steel and carbon knives
  • You get a 2-year warranty in case of any defect


This is a widely-praised product that comes with simple and easy operation for precise sharpening. This pro-style product works well with all kinds of knives, except serrated ones. The magnetic guide and orbiting motion are unique features of this product that ensure safe and stable operation. Polishing the blade is another marvelous feature of this product, which makes it a perfect sharpening unit to invest in.


  • It is reasonably-priced
  • It offers professional results
  • Using this product is both easy and quick


  • It takes a long time to sharpen at different angles
  • It does not work on serrated knives
Have you ever thought about how expensive it can be to get your knife sharpened by professionals?

Instead, you can easily invest a considerable amount in this electric knife sharpening tool to get the job done with convenience and ease, especially as this McGowan model can sharpen the knife with just one use.

This product offers a sharp blade with a well-polished edge, all thanks to its impressive set of features. Let’s browse through its intriguing features below:

  • This McGowan electric knife sharpening unit can be operated with great ease to get sharper blades
  • It comes with sharpening wheels that are made from ceramics
  • The product is super-fast, and it provides sharpening in just a single step
  • It is the US made product


The reviews of this product show how efficient this Firestone model is. The price of the product may be a little on the higher side, but that does not lower its ability to provide sharper and finer blades. As the US made product, it is worth your money, and can easily get the sharpening job done in one step, using its ceramic-based sharpening wheels, which is why we highly recommend this model.


  • This product can sharpen both blade sides simultaneously
  • It works on all kinds of knives
  • It takes very little time to sharpen a blade
  • The product can easily polish the blade edge


  • It may be a bit noisy
  • If it is used improperly it may ruin your knife

How To Choose Electric Knife Sharpener – Buyer’s Guide

Here’s what you need to know before you decide to invest in an electric knife sharpening system:
  • Abrasive Surface – Diamonds are considered to be the hardest material, closely followed by polished ceramic and tungsten carbide. Grit is used to measure the abrasiveness of any sharpening unit, the higher it is the better and finer the abrasiveness of the tool will be. Anything between 1000-grit and 120-grit will get the job done for you.
  • Performance – The best sharpening tool is the one that is known for its performance, which is essentially its potential to create a consistently smooth, keen edge without any scratches.
  • Sharpening Stages – While coarse abrasive reshapes the blade edges, the finer abrasives polish and enhance its longevity. Investing in a sharpening machine with multiple stages for sharpening is therefore crucial.
  • Angle Guide – If the serrated electric knife sharpener features an adjustable, accurate angle guide; even the most inexperienced user can sharpen the blade at the right angle.
  • Safety – The sharpening machine should also be safe enough to be used for sharpening, especially because you’re dealing with potentially dangerous stuff like tools and knives. It is essential that this tool comes with added stability and rails so that any untoward incident can be avoided.

And finally, it would help you a great deal if the customer support and warranty period of the product is impressive, especially if it is a high-end model.

How To Use The Best Electric Knife Sharpener

The next thing that you should know about an electric knife sharpening machine is how to use it. As soon as you begin the process of blade sharpening, you need to make sure that you start with the coarse side and then move to the finer side. Follow these steps to get best results:
  • Step no.1- Place your knife blade in the provided slot. Make sure that the knife’s heel is pressed down so much so that it connects with the tool’s grinding stone. Begin with the knife heel and then slowly pull through to its tip.
  • Step no.2- Next, slide your knife through the machine’s slot. Make sure that the blade is angled between 15 and 20 degrees. The unit will set the knife handle automatically as it gets pulled through the machine slot to connect with the stone (grinding).
  • Step no.3- Pass the knife blade slowly through two times (each side). Generally, electric sharpening models are highly efficient, so two passes are sufficient for reshaping as well as sharpening the knife blade.
  • Step no.4- Repeat this process on the tool’s finer stones. Since your blade has already been reshaped by passing it through the coarse stone, you need to polish it by passing it two times through the finer grit.
  • Step no.5- Finally, you need to rinse your knife and then dry it.

How To Tell That It’s Time To Sharp The Knife

Using a dull knife for cutting is not only going to make your work more difficult, but it can also be dangerous to use a dull knife.

There is no warning signal to remind you that your knife needs sharpening, but the following signs can help you understand that it is time to get your knife sharpened:

  • The Dull Feeling

Familiarizing with the feel of the blade can be very helpful in understanding when it needs sharpening. You need to carefully and gently run the fingertips on the blade edge. If a knife is sharp, you will feel it, as the blade will feature a distinct, well-defined edge. Similarly, a blade that feels rounded or dull can be identified immediately on running the fingertips.

  • Paper Test

You can resort to a magazine page or standard paper (white) to find out whether your knife blade is sharp or dull. It is an easy and fast way to test the knife blade’s sharpness. Holding the white paper upright in one hand, you need to use your other hand to hold your knife exactly at the topmost edge of the paper to slice it downward. While a knife that is sharp will slice it in two pieces, a blunt one will rip it unevenly.

  • Tomato Smashing

Another great way to test if your knife is sharp or not is by observing the way it slices tomatoes. Clean slices of tomatoes are the end result of a sharp knife, but a blunt one with catch on the tomato skin.

Knife Blade Types

Another consideration that you need to make while looking for a sharpening tool is what kind of blade it can sharpen. For example, an electric ceramic knife sharpener is designed exclusively to chip away ceramics from a kitchen knife with ceramic blade. Similarly, electric knife sharpener for pocket knives are engineered to effectively sharpen such knives.

If you have already covered the top models mentioned above, you know that there are certain products that not only sharpen the blade of a knife, but also that of other tools like garden shears and scissors.

The electric knife and scissor sharpener is what you will need if you’re looking for a machine that can sharpen knives as well as other household tools like scissors. Not all knife sharpening units can sharpen serrated and straight knives alike as the slots are usually thinner.

An electric serrated knife sharpener generally comes with diamond abrasives and knife guides to sharpen serrated knives with precision. So, your choice of product should depend largely on the blade type. Read on to find out more about factors that affect your electric knife sharpening tool buying decision.

Sharpener Types 

By now it must clear to you that there are various types of electric knife sharpening tools in the market.

Electric belt knife sharpener is a pro multitool to sharpen any kind of appliances in your house.  It includes the delt that is highly accessible and all you kneed is to know the right blade angle.

Any professional electric knife sharpener with high performance generally works in different stages and features a belt that controls these stages or the multiple slots depending on the tool type.

Whether you are looking for an electric kitchen knife sharpener that has a straight blade or an electric hunting knife sharpener with serrated blade, you will need a machine with more than one stage sharpening process for best results.

The only way to keep professional knives sharp is by using them on an electric stage 2 knife sharpener or a 3 stage electric knife sharpener, both of which have the ability to effectively carry out the different stages of sharpening and honing the knife blade with degree accuracy and detail.

Most of the products mentioned above feature either 2-stage or 3-stage sharpening process so that your knife blade gets the most precise and razor-sharp edge possible.

Electric Knife Sharpener Vs Stone

Using a sharpening stone for your knife requires proper skills and experience in holding your knife at the accurate angle. Otherwise, you may end up spoiling the knife’s cutting edge.

Additionally, you have to use lubricants like water or mineral oil on certain stones prior to sharpening your knife. Doing so prevents the chances of ruining the stone’s capability to sharpen the blade.

However, when you use an electric sharpening machine like the Presto professional electric knife sharpener 08810, all you have to do is place the knife in the slot and switch on the machine. The guides in the machine ensure the accuracy of blade angle while sharpening, and some models feature magnetic pad to prevent the knife from spoiling the product’s performance. Moreover, electric sharpening units use diamond abrasives for sharpening, which are more aggressive than sharpening stones.

Electric Knife Sharpener Vs Manual Sharpener

A manual sharpening tool will require much effort on your part to sharpen the blade, as the entire sharpening process depends on how much effort you put in. Also, manual units come with a simple mechanism to perform only one function of sharpening the blade.

An electric sharpening machine, on the other hand, does not require you to put in much physical effort to sharpen the blade. Their operation is easy and simple, and they come with more functions and features compared to the manual ones, like an electric knife sharpener and can opener. Although these machines are a bit more expensive than the manual ones, they are worth the money you spend.

Homemade Electric Knife Sharpener

Want to know how you can make an electric knife sharpening unit at home?

This is something you won’t find in most electric knife sharpener reviews. The following lines describe how you can build an electric sharpening tool on your own without much difficulty. You can use this machine on different types of knives as well as tools at home.

Things You Will Need

  • 1 inch thick MDF
  • Buffing/Sharpening Compound
  • Hex-nuts (2)
  • Bolt
  • Washers (2, small)
  • Hardwood
  • Spray lubricant
  • Clamps
  • Hole Saw (89 mm, 3.5”)
  • A Drill-bit Set
  • File
  • Drill-Press
  • Drill
  • Woodworking Machine (6-in-1)
  • Safety Goggles, respirator and earmuff for safety

Preparation Time – 1 hour (approx.)

This homemade electric sharpening tool is fairly easy to build, and requires a minimum amount of investment.

  • Step no.1- With the help of your Hole Saw (89 mm), cut through the MDF in your Drill-Press. Make sure you clamp down the MDF tightly on your table as MDF is generally very heavy. Once drilling is over, you need to pop the lug out.
  • Step no.2- Assemble the woodworking machine on your bench grinder, and then clamp it on the table. Using this machine remove all those threads that lie close to the screw’s head portion. You can add water to the screw every now and then to avoid any airborne dust.
  • Step no.3- Measure the height from the table to the bolt (should be approximately 5 cm), and then drill a hole into the plywood scrap piece at 5 cm distance from the bottom portion.
  • Step no.4- Insert your bolt through the plywood hole, and then add a washer and a nut. Next, insert your wheel, and add the second washer and nut. Make sure the bolt’s end is secured within the chuck of the drill. Place the wood scrap piece underneath the drill, and clamp everything onto the table tightly. Now, lubricate your bolt to lower the friction within the plywood.
  • Step no.5- If in case the wheel (plug) burns during drilling due to friction produced by high speed, you need to push your Drill-Press handle downward for a fraction of a second, and then tap on your Hole Saw’s side two times while continuing with the drilling. Doing so will prevent the clogging of the MDF dust, and the burning. You can use the file to remove the burnt marks.
  • Step no.6- Holding the sharpening compound in your hand; turn the wheel using your other hand. It is an easy step, and it makes the sharpening process effortless.

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