10 Fabulous Watch Winder Reviews – Picks That Look Amazing (2023)

Are you sick and tired of having to manually wind your automatic watch every time you want to wear it?

It’s time to kiss goodbye to the old and say hello to intelligent machines that can get the job done for you. Indeed, finding the best watch winder is the surest way to guarantee your precious watch of a stable supply of power so it doesn’t run down. But then there’s one teeny weeny challenge – and that is – finding a superb time-based winder that works without a fuss.

On paper, finding such a winder may sound like a straightforward activity until you actually try doing it on your own and with no reference points. To make sure you don’t end up taking shots in the dark, here’s an in-depth guide you can use to pick the very best out of 10 choices compiled by our unbiased reviewers.

1. Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder (Newly Upgraded)

Versa offers a great selection of watch winders and this automatic double winder model offers all the functionality you need. The winder has received various upgrades over the previous version and it now has a new and improved motor and gearbox for optimal performance.

Featuring a modern contemporary design, the winder allows you to store your watches vertically in order to save space and keep the watch wound with the least wear.

In addition, it incorporates a total of 12 different settings including three direction settings for bi-directional, clockwise and counterclockwise. Similarly, this cheap watch winder is designed to make only four turns per day for approximately 5 minutes before resetting.

And you know what?

It utilizes friction-less ball bearings to rotate your watch without making any noise. On top of that, each part of the winder is designed with precision, tooled by machine and then hand assembled to ensure the quality of the product.

  • High-quality Mabuchi Japanese motor and gearbox that offers silent performance
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Includes 100-200V power adapter
  • Spring action pillows for large watches
  • Comes in a beautiful black casing


To sum up, if you have a couple of automatic watches and you would like an efficient winder for winding them, this model by Versa can be a great purchase for you. It is designed to work with all types and models of automatic watches. Besides, it is quite easy to set up and reliable.


  • Plenty of room for large watches
  • Spring action pillows come with non-slip grips to keep your watch in place
  • High quality and reliable motors
  • Does not overwind watches
  • Custom-designed gearbox for silence performance


  • The 350 Turns- Per- Day setting only works for people who wear their watches two to three days
  • Only has one motor so you cannot wind each watch individually at different speeds

2. CHIYODA Single Wooded Watch Winder

If you value performance and aesthetic appeal, this CHIYODA single watch winder is one of the best choices available. It utilizes a handmade wooden watch winder box with an acrylic organic glass window that feels durable to the touch and leaves off a premium impression. As such, the winder can be a perfect match for just about any modern home decor.

But you know what else?

The winder uses a Japanese Mabuchi motor that provides stable and quiet running throughout. Beyond that, it boasts two power options including via AC power outlet and battery. Therefore, you can use it both at home and while traveling.

When it comes to quality control, the unit is fabricated with top-quality materials and has undergone multiple inspections to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. In addition to that, the motor and the circuit board boast anti-static treatment to ensure a high level of durability.

The unit comes with an 80mm diameter pillow designed to hold watches of different sizes without too much hassle.

  • 3 direction and 4 TPDs (Turn per Day) settings
  • Long-lasting Japanese silent motor
  • Two knobs for adjusting the settings
  • Insulated velvet decoration to prevent magnetization
  • Powered by AC power or AA batteries


Taking into account all the features of this winder including the quality of the motor, design, and performance, this elegant unit definitely represents value for money. While it is not exactly perfect, overall it is a convenient option if you are in the market for a stylish and reliable cheap watch winder, especially for Rolex timepieces.


  • Turns at regular intervals to keep your watch accurate
  • Luxurious design
  • Extremely compact and feels durable
  • Backed by great customer service and 18 months warranty
  • Motor runs silently


  • Pillow does not fit tightly enough in the holder
  • Battery not included

3. JQUEEN Double Watch Winder

This is an interesting watch winder that is well equipped with useful features to keep two automatic watches in perfect condition. It offers a lot of versatility when it comes to winding different types of watches. Powered by a Japanese motor, the unit runs without making any noise and is easy to operate. In fact, you will hardly even notice that it’s running.

To top it off, it boasts dual power supply options for added convenience especially when traveling. You can choose to power it via a 100-240V AC adapter which is supplied with the package or two 1.5V batteries.

But here is the interesting thing; the unit is 100% handmade and uses a piano baking varnish box with acrylic organic glass to keep your watch beautifully displayed. As such, any timepiece you have will definitely look good in this case.

Moreover, like with most models on the market, it features clockwise, counter-clockwise and alternating direction settings along with multiple TPDs settings. On top of that, it includes four operating program settings that offer a lot of flexibility for winding your cherished timepieces.

  • Two turntables with high-grade and smooth PU watch pillow
  • Backed by 18 months warranty
  • 4 program settings with different winding speeds
  • 100% handcrafted using high-quality materials
  • 3 direction settings


With a reliable motor and a very elegant finish, this watch winder for Breitling, Omega and Seiko watches will keep your timepieces well organized, safe and functioning correctly. In fact, virtually all types of watches can fit in the winder without any problem.


  • Easy to operate with batteries or AC power
  • Has a nice looking design to match different modern decors
  • Feels solid and works as advertised
  • Includes multiple operating options
  • Compact size


  • Gets a little louder after several uses
  • Not ideal for larger watches as it rubs against the cover when turning

4. CHIYODA Automatic Double Watch Winder

Here is another premium watch winder under 100 by CHIYODA that provides enough space for your two automatic timepieces. Thanks to its 80mm diameter soft pillows, the winder is compatible with nearly all watch sizes including the larger ones with cases exceeding 50mm.

In addition to that, it runs on Japanese Mabuchi motor that features upgraded components to reduce any annoying sound and ensure long-lasting performance.

Additionally, the watch winder packs four TPDs settings and three direction setting options including bi-directional, clockwise and counter-clockwise. Needless to say, the unit is designed to turn at certain regular intervals in order to keep your watch accurate when it’s not on the wrist.

Moreover, it is equipped with two line programmed settings to ensure you have total control over your winder.

To top it off, it comes in a piano baking varnished wooden box with high-gloss finish and acrylic organic glass window for a classic and stylish look. Most importantly, this watch winder for Omega automatic watches is 100% handcrafted using only premium components with 21 procedures. Therefore, you can expect the unit to offer top and reliable performance.

  • LCD touch display for ease of customizing the TPDs
  • Includes a golden key
  • Elegant wooden watch winder box with gloss paint
  • AC adapter included for powering the unit
  • Treated motor and circuit board with anti-static treatment


Whether you own a Tissot, Rolex, Piaget, Longines, Omega or any other automatic watch brand, this unit can handle them all. Therefore, all things considered, it is a solid choice for automatic watch aficionados.


  • Stable and quiet running performance during the day and night
  • Protects your watches from moisture and dust
  • Controls the winding direction of the two watches separately
  • Can make a perfect gift for someone you care
  • Great distance between the pillows to prevent your watches from scratching each other


  • Does not offer the option of powering it via batteries
  • Has to be reprogrammed after a power outage
Designed to accommodate up to four timepieces of different sizes, this safe 4-slot watch winder is geared towards people who own multiple automatic watches.

It is 100% handmade and utilizes acrylic glass to provide you with a better view of the timepieces being wound up. What’s more, the unit features a strong and durable wooden box with piano baking varnish look designed to keep dust and scratches off your expensive watches.

And guess what?

The watch winder boasts a double Japanese motor that is powered via AC power or batteries. The motor is super silent and runs efficiently. What’s more, it utilizes soft polyurethane pillows to support your watches while providing durable protection. In addition to that, there are four turntables and three direction settings to choose from.

Like with other watch winder models from this particular manufacturer, it packs multiple Turns Per Day settings. Therefore, depending on the settings, the unit will run for a couple of minutes prior to pausing for a while.

  • Dual power supply
  • Vertical design to save space
  • 4 adjustable program modes with pre-determine pauses
  • 18-month warranty and 24/7 customer support
  • 3 winding settings depending on your preference


If you are looking to keep all your watches ticking and without going over the budget, this unit from JQUEEN is an excellent choice. You are sure to appreciate its dead quiet motor, dual power supply option and its elegant design.


  • Looks great in the office or bedroom
  • Strong and durable wooden box
  • Can be powered via batteries
  • Long-lasting and silent motors


  • Does not offer adequate room for large watches
  • Only have two motors to handle four timepieces
Following suit of other watch winders from the Wolf collection, this unit boasts an eye-catching design without compromising on overall quality and performance. The exterior is crafted from smooth and high-grade faux leather with a chrome finish that gives it a classy and sleek look.

What’s more?

It features a satin lining on the inside and a highly-transparent glass cover so you can have a glance at your watch while it’s being wound up.

But here is the kicker; this watch winder under 200 is pre-programmed to make up to 900 turns in a single day with each winding cycle taking approximately six hours before resting.

For a natural winding experience, it is designed to take an 18-hour sleep prior to returning to the winding cycles. In addition to that, the unit is equipped with three directional settings.

You know what else?

Well, the watch winder is backed by a two-year warranty directly from Wolf for your peace of mind. Most importantly, it utilizes a patented technology that allows the device to count and even record the exact number of rotations as your watch is winding. This unique innovation ensures superior accuracy for your timepiece.

  • Powered via battery or universal power adapter
  • Single winding module with patented rotation programs
  • Silent gearbox
  • Uses gravity to rotate the rotor of your timepiece
  • Lock-in cuff for heavier and bigger watches


With a 55mm case diameter, this unit can accommodate differently sized watches including the bigger ones. Besides, it is able to maintain the best accuracy possible of your automatic timepiece thanks to its patented technology.


  • Keeps your watches safe at the office and at home
  • Manufactured by a reputable brand
  • Well-built and classy
  • Supplied with an AC adapter
  • Quiet and easy to use


  • Lock-in cuff is a little big for some timepieces
  • A bit pricey for some users but worth every penny
Fitted with the highest quality Japanese Mabuchi motors, this safe watch winder is designed to wound four timepieces without making any noise. In addition to this, it is equipped with friction-less ball bearings that rotate your watches in silence to keep them ready to wear at any time.

While some manufacturers tend to put two watches on a single motor, this model is packed with one motor per watch. To top it off, Versa provides replacement motors for the winder.

But here is the interesting thing; the unit comes with adjustable spring action pillows, extra adapters and plenty of space to fit oversize watches. On top of that, the pillows are outfitted with non-slip grips to securely keep your watch in place. Additionally, it runs on a 110V-240V AC adapter that is included with the package.

Beyond that, the device boasts three settings for bi-directional, clockwise and counterclockwise. Also, it makes multiple turns per day ranging from 350-650-850-1050. Similarly, the winder turns for around 5 minutes and then rests before the cycle repeats itself.

  • Independently controlled settings
  • Programmed not turn continuously to avoid over winding
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multiple timers and direction settings
  • Modern contemporary design


A one-year warranty and great customer service adds so much value and backs Versa’s certainty that you will love this winder. Besides, it operates on Japanese Mabuchi motors to keep your precious timepieces wound with minimal wear.


  • Supports nearly all automatic watch models
  • Utilizes space-saving modern design
  • Enough space for large watches
  • Four independently working motors offer reliable performance
  • For a quad watch winder under 200, it is budget-friendly


  • No instructions on how to install the replacement motor kit
  • Lacks the option to power it via batteries
The Kendal Single watch winder is an affordable option with a lot of appealing features. First off, it features four adjustable winding modes including clockwise, counterclockwise, bidirectional and a special display mode. On top of that, there are four program modes to help you keep your watch in excellent working condition.

So, what sets it apart from the competition?

Well, it definitely has to be its classy design. For starters, the exterior is crafted from premium cherry wood alongside several layers of PU and hand polished with a high-gloss finish for long-lasting beauty and durability. Its interior, on the other hand, employs quality deluxe silsued designed to be gentle on your cherished timepiece.

Like most high-quality winders, this model runs on a new and improved Japanese Mabuchi motor for reliable and quiet performance.

What’s more?

It is packed with an upgraded large cushion that can easily fit large watches for men and women. Last but not least, the unit boasts a rotating base that enables easy access to your timepiece any time.

  • Dual power supply via batteries or universal AC adapter
  • Boasts solid wood construction
  • 4 program rotation settings and advanced control
  • Adjustable watch retention cushion
  • Two extra storage options


Since 2016, the watch winder has undergone few upgrades to ensure the highest performance standards. It now boasts a super quiet Japanese motor that is very reliable and a large cushion that can fit big watches with minimal hassle.


  • Overall build quality is excellent
  • Offers additional storage for other watches
  • Operates silently
  • Inexpensive
  • Has the option of being powered via battery making it highly portable


  • Oversize watches barely fit in the winder
  • Exterior scratches easily
This is yet another great watch winder under 100 from the renowned brand Versa. It is compatible with most watch models such as Breitling, Seiko, Rolex, Omega, Bulgari, Vacheron, and more.

On top of that, it employs multiple settings and programs to keep your watch wound and ready to wear at any time. But perhaps the most impressive feature of the unit is the blue LED indicator that lets you know if the winder is currently in motion.

What is more, the device incorporates a built-in timer that winds your watch in bi-directional, clockwise or counterclockwise directions. The timer is programmed to turn your timepiece for approximately five minutes and then rests depending on which 4 TPDs setting option you choose.

However, unlike other models that boast dual-power supply, this particular watch winder can only be powered by a 100V-240V AC adapter.

But that’s not all; the unit is fitted with a new and better Japanese Mabuchi motor and gear for improved overall performance. In addition to that, it boasts burlwood veneer finish along with a clear cover to protect your expensive timepiece from dust.

  • Pillows with attachments for holding big watches
  • 3 direction modes and multiple TPDs settings
  • LED indicator with a switch to turn the light off
  • Extra silent Japanese motor and gearbox
  • High-quality components


Overall, the Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder is a great choice if you are looking for an inexpensive unit with a beautiful design and top-notch quality. It can make for a great gift for yourself or someone you love.


  • Easy to put your watch inside the winder and set
  • Silent operation
  • LED light can easily be turned off
  • Fits different watch band lengths
  • Stylish and elegant design


  • Does not work with batteries
  • Not as long lasting as more expensive models
If you travel a lot and need to wind your timepiece while away from home, this is a great watch winder for the money from JQUEEN. This is because the unit works through battery power or a 100-240V AC adapter which is included with the purchase. To top it off, the winder operates on an ultra-quiet and powerful Japanese Mabuchi motor making it perfect for use in the bedroom.

With three rotation settings, you can program the unit to rotate your watches in a clockwise, counter-clockwise or alternating direction depending on your needs. On top of that, there are four program modes to choose from with different rest period and sleep phases. Moreover, it comes with additional storage for up to three more watches.

Additionally, the winder utilizes a 100% handmade case with a piano baking varnish look and acrylic glass on the top that gives it a classy design. The glass cover is not only durable but also transparent so you can have a good view of the watches being winded. And for your peace of mind, the unit’s quality workmanship is backed by 18-month warranty.

  • High-grade, soft and smooth PU watch pillow
  • Multiple TPD settings
  • Vertical design for space saving
  • 5 turntables to guarantee your watches will always be ready to wear
  • Dead quiet Japanese motor


With three storages, a super-silent motor, dual power supply, and multiple Turns Per Day settings, this unit has almost all the features you would want in a reliable watch winder.

What’s more?

JQUEEN provides impeccable customer service and great warranty.


  • Acrylic glass is hard to crack or break
  • Looks fantastic in the office or bedroom
  • Plenty of storage space for your extra watches
  • Compatible with nearly any automatic watch
  • 100% handcrafted


  • Watch winder case is rather large
  • Inserts are quite small to hold watch securely

What Is a Watch Winder and How Does It Work

Simply put, a watch winder is a device designed to keep automatic watches running even when not worn. These handy gadgets operate by winding themselves using manually programmed movements. Typically, the winder is made with a special weight which rotates or swings effectively keeping the watch fully powered.

The problem with automatic watches is that when they’re not worn, they cease to receive power and eventually run down. Yet although there is always an option to manually wind such watches, sometimes you just want to save time – especially if you own a few of these.

So, all you need to do is attach your watch to the cushioned weight of the winder and then program it using a special knob (or button) provided. Typically, the movements happen in a circular pattern thereby emulating the natural movements of the human hand when operating a manual winding activity.

Usually, watch winders work by either moving clockwise, anti-clockwise or bi-directionally. On top of that, a vast majority of watch winders are specifically designed to make adjustments on the number of turns per day (TPD) and the kind of direction of winding you’d like to have. In general, most automatic watches tend to work best if put in a bi-directional setting.

Worth noting also is that an average watch requires to be wound at about 650 to 1200 TPD. Fortunately, a good number of modern watch winders have 2000+ capacity meaning they’re sure to do a stellar job if you pick the right settings.

Do You Need A Watch Winder?

Most automatic watches will stop working in 1 to 2 days of not wearing them and so YES you need to invest in a watch winder. What we would like to add, however, is that it’s not a must to have one because you can always manually wind your watch the next time you want to wear it.

However, if you’re someone who values their time and would like to get the most out of each minute of your life, then a time-based winder is a must-have.

Winder Types

Whether you’re looking for a functional, elegant or extravagant winder, chances are that you’ll be spoilt for choice in terms of options to settle for. Just to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by the sheer variety of makes and designs on offer, here’s a detailed look at different popular choices and what makes them tick – quite literally.

  • Kinetic watch winders

It’s the least popular category of winders mainly because most kinetic watches tend to store power for quite a long time. Nonetheless, if looking to keep your timepieces in tiptop condition, investing in these winders might be a good idea.

Developed for the first time in the late 1980s, these types of winders feature an internal magnet which generates power as the winder swings. This power is then redirected to the watch’s capacitor for storage, thereby keeping your watch functioning for long.

  • Automatic watch winder

As the name suggests, automatic watch winders are programmable, self-propelled units which are specifically designed to keep automatic watches functioning. Built and installed within safe boxes, automatic winders move in successive rotations thereby keeping your watch “ready-to-wear” at every instance.

Basically, this relatively popular breed of winders is designed to derive energy from a mainspring thereby creating a temporary power reserve with each winding action. This is particularly important because automatic watches use lubricants to keep their core parts moving.

If left unwound for too long, the lubricant distribution process may get disrupted and this can eventually lead to premature damage of your precious watch. Therefore, a good automatic watch winder is quite important in preventing that from happening.

  • USB powered watch winder

A vast majority of automatic watch winders in the past were built with ordinary power cables. However, these cables tend to be bulky, cumbersome and quite limiting. Thankfully, the USB cables came to the rescue. The advanced cables boast an enhanced power capacity, something that makes them an ideal addition instead of AA batteries.

Likewise, USB allows for multiple winder connections such that you can even use a splitter to connect another winder or even recharge your phone with it. As if that’s not enough USB cables tend to be more energy-efficient – thereby helping you knock every coin of your power bill.

  • Watch winder drawer

It goes without saying that a good time-based winder is one based in a drawer.

 But what kind of drawer is really the best?

You might be wondering. Well, the choice purely depends on your preferences. For instance, you can choose to either go for a showy drawer with a front glass display or simply settle for one that’s fully enclosed for added security. Another factor worth considering is the kind of material used to pad the interior of the winder – and in that case, you want to invest in a drawer with a soft, velvety or deluxe Silsuede interior finish.

Let’s not forget to mention that the exterior is probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a watch winder drawer. Here you get to sample different types of finishes ranging from the timeless piano paint to the authentic walnut, burl wood, and cherry finishes. Last but not least is the capacity – ultimately, this will depend on the number of automatic watches you own.

  • Watch winder with storage

Not all watch winders are designed and built exactly the same way. So, as a rule of the thumb, always be sure to invest in a winder that comes with a well-made storage box. Ideally, such a storage box should have a high-quality lock that you can reinforce in order to keep your watches safe.

As far as storing the entire watch winder is concerned, you basically want to keep it inside a clean, dust-free and dry place. Your bedroom closet would be a nice place alternatively you can purchase special trays meant to fit inside a dresser drawer for additional storage space.

Different parts are used to complete one effective watch winder. To begin with, the heart and soul of any winder lies in its motor – typically, a good motor is one that has a built-in timer and is programmable. All you need to do is program it and leave it to do the rest of the job for you.

To make sure your watch remains intact is a special cushion which is designed to provide a fit similar to your wrist circumference. So, you’ll only need to fit the watch on this cushion, then rotate the programming knob to achieve the desired movements.

The last but definitely not least of the watch winder parts is the exterior casing. This is the casing that provides extra security for your watches and may even come with a unique glass display to allow you to view your watch collection any time you feel like. Oh! And did we mention the ever-important power adapter? Well, no automatic watch winder would be complete without this extremely important additional part.

Watch Winder Motor 

There are two crucial factors to always keep in mind when it comes to choosing watch winder motors and these are (1)efficiency and (2)quiet operation.

 Which one should I go for?

You want to settle for a winder with a quiet operating motor that gets the job done without straining your automatic choice or consuming too much power. There are two types of motors – one being the basic type which can be used on every other winder and another one being the proprietary variety which is tailor-made for particular winders.

Of course, proprietary winders tend to fetch a higher price tag, unlike their basic counterparts.

How To Choose The Best Watch Winder – Buyer’s Guide

The best way to approach a watch winder purchase is to begin by prioritizing functionality over aesthetics. But then, if you’re in the market for something built to leave behind a good impression, you really don’t want to skimp on quality.

So, whether you have a vintage watch winder in mind or simply looking for the best value watch winder case, let’s just say that these are the few quick points to keep in mind always.

  • Slots – If you’re thinking of adding more watches to your collection, it’s better to go for a watch winder with multiple slots. This way you’d be prepared for new additions in the future.
  • Motor Quality – Go for a unit with a reliably, quiet-functioning motor. A noisy motor could be a clear sign of a malfunctioning motor.
  • Timer – Experts recommend going for a motor with an integrated timer. This will turn at the exact time, thereby rhyming with your watch’s internal system which goes a long way toward protecting your watch.
  • Watch Winder Battery – If you like traveling with your collection of watches, the safe watch winder bet for you would be one that’s battery powered. As you know, batteries are incredibly portable and as long as they’re fully recharged, your winder will function perfectly. While experts generally recommend AC powered watch winders, there’s no doubt that battery power can be a reliable alternative source of energy – especially when one is traveling or in the event of a power blackout. Most winders use AA batteries, C-size or D-size batteries similar to ones found in medium-drain applications among them musical instruments, flashlights, and toys.


Depending on the quality of your watch winder, you can expect to find different sets of materials used across the board. Most average winders come in woody cases which are strong enough to withstand basic threats and still keep your watches safe. Others come in a high-end leather casing which tends to be classy as well as highly durable. The best kind of material to settle on is one that’s both long-lasting and fashionable. Let us take a closer look at some options available at your disposal:

  • Wooden Watch Winders

Wood is a versatile material because it is easy to trim and shape into different designs. Aside from that, one can play around with the finish to achieve an exotic or luxurious appeal. For that reason, wooden watch winders tend to be classy, luxurious but reasonably priced and, therefore, a perfect buy for anyone looking to maximize on value for money.

  • Metal Watch Winders

While wooden winder cases remain popular for their ability to combine a bit of durability with fashion, they may not be the best bets for long-term durability for obvious reasons. This is where metallic cases come in handy.

On top of that, if made by a professional with a good finishing taste, you can count on metallic watch winders to add a classy appeal to your watch collection. On the flipside, though, metallic winders tend to be heavy and a bit costly to acquire and maintain as well.

  • Leather Watch Winders

Nothing beats a well-made, classic watch winder made using genuine leather and a luxurious interior. This is especially so if you’re looking to balance between formality and usefulness. The only downside with genuine leather is that it tends to be a little pricey – but should that really bother you especially when looking for a handy case to protect your precious collection of watches?


What is the ideal size of a watch winder to buy?

The basic rule is that you need a winder that has enough slots to accommodate all your watches. Of course, if you have 10 watches, and will be wearing 1 watch every day, then it means you can always go for a watch winder with 9 slots – minimally.

However, if you like collecting luxury watches, a good idea would be to do for the largest option available. Let’s take a look at various options available at your disposal.

  • Single – This is the perfect bet if you own one or two watches and are not looking forward to adding more to your collection any time soon.
  • Dual Watch Winder – Recommended for 3 or 2 watches. This would be an ideal pick for young couples who wear watches once in a while.
  • Triple – As the name suggests, this winder comes with 3 slots for winding your watches. Ideally, you should go for it if you own 3 to 4 watches.
  • Quad – This is by far the most popular and best-selling watch winder size on the market. That’s because it has just enough slots to accommodate a few watches while leaving additional slots open for future additions.
  • 6 Watch Winder – Ideal for individuals with a passion for collecting the latest premium watches, a 6-watch winder allows one to display their latest collection on individually programmable rotors that can work simultaneously.
  • 10 Watch Winder – Just like other automatic winders, each of the 10 rotors is capable of being individually programmed with variable settings. But the main advantage of a 10 watch winder is that it comes with a generous capacity and is, therefore, best for people with a serious passion for collecting high-end watches.
  • 12 Watch Winder – Reviewed as the best choice for winding multiple watches, the 12 watch winder is a stylish option that keeps your watch collection intact even when left for several months. We’d recommend this kind of unit for anyone who owns more than 10 premium watches – Serious watch collectors, do you copy that?

Watch Winder vs. Manual Winding

If this is your first time buying an automatic watch, chances are that the salesmen will try to convince you that you don’t actually need a watch winder for it. But as it turns out, you actually might need one.

You see, manual winding is time-consuming because you have to do it every time you want to wear a watch. This also leaves your watch susceptible to damage.

Automatic watch winding, on the other hand, keeps your watches up to date so you only need to wear them without having to wind them.

How can you beat that?

How to Use a Watch Winder

A good watch winder vault does not come cheap, so it makes sense to make sure you’re putting it to good use. Don’t even try to deny it – we all wish we could get the best value for our bucks all the time. In that regard, here are some handy tidbits to always keep in mind.

  • Optimal TPD

As you already know, TPD stands for the number of turns per day. Set the TPD level too low and you risk having your watch being underwound. Likewise, set a TPD that’s too high and you run the risk of wearing out your watch. With the optimal TPD being at around 650 TPD, you want to set your winder at around this range before use.

  • Start Delay

Most automatic watches come with built-in energy reserves and you’re, therefore, better off knowing how to leverage on this. So, always set your winder’s “start delay” feature to it doesn’t start to wind your watch prematurely.

  • Turning Direction

There are three turning options namely clockwise, anti-clockwise and bi-directional turns. The bi-directional turn is the best-recommended one for most watches although this isn’t always the case with every watch. Be sure to check the specs of your watch prior to settling for any turning direction.

DIY Watch Winder

With commercial watch winders costing tens of bucks, some people prefer to build DIY watch winders so as to save on cost. Some DIY enthusiasts swear by using Lego blocks, others by using disco lights and a few others by using a combination of 3D printing and Arduino coding.

Of course, if you’re the type that prefers to fix leaking water taps and broken lights at home going the DIY way would sound like an awesome idea. Generally, though, if you’re a busy person who wants something classy and durable, we’d encourage you to stick to the commercial models available.

Why so? Because why would you need to waste 5 hours making something you’d buy for $100 or less?

Care & Maintenance

Even after getting the best watch winder for the money, you still need to be keen on how you maintain it. We have read quite a few online threads where people complained that their winders stopped to work for no reason – but as it turns out a few simple mistakes can contribute to this.

So first off, always consult your user manual prior to making any adjustments or implementing settings you aren’t too sure of. Besides that, always keep your winder in a cool, well-aerated and most importantly dry place. Excessive moisture can ruin the motor. Likewise, you want to store your unit safely so it doesn’t fall as this could lead to premature wear and tear.


Looking for a watch winder for automatic watches with a warranty?

The good news is that most manufacturers provide 1-year, 18-months to 2-year warranties. The main advantage of going for a warrantied watch is that you get to own the watch fully assured that you’ll be protected from any manufacturing flaws within the stipulated duration of time.


What specific watch winder do I need for my automatic watch?

Most good winders are designed to work with all brands of watches whether for Seiko or for Rolex (or any other brand out there).

How many watches can I wind with my watch winder?

Watch winders vary in capacity. The best way to determine the number of watches to wind is to calculate the number of rotors in place. Note: Each rotor is a potential slot for a watch.

Should I be worried about my watch winder over winding my watch?

The answer is a simple no. As long as you go for a winder with a built-in timer, you really won’t have to worry about this issue.

Final Verdict

Designed to simulate natural human hand motion, automatic watch winders not only help you save the time you’d ordinarily need for manual rewinding and also lengthen your watch’s life. But as we have seen in this detailed review, there are quite a few factors that set different winders apart.

Our analysis, however, identifies the JQueen Double Watch Winder as the top favorite all thanks to its powerful but silent motor, enhanced program settings, and exquisite interior. The second runner’s up position belongs to JWOLF 270002 Heritage Single Watch Winder which stuns with its nice looking leather case.

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